Case of the Day

Our case of the day shows off the intricate anatomy of a lower second molar. Proper cleaning and shaping of the canal system involves removing all of the soft tissue inside the tooth. This is critical to long term endodontic success and is visualized here in that the... read more

Case of the Day

Case of the Humpday. We corrected this patient’s infection around his upper central incisor by performing periradicular surgery. Sectioning the end of the root, cleaning the root canal internally by gaining access from the end rather than the top can be... read more

A First Look into Endodontics

With the rise of technology comes the ease of the expression of social influences and ideals. It is so easy to hop on the web and find many factoids about any given topic. The question we should ask ourselves is how true is this information that people are posting and... read more

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